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Who Are We?

Ofcourse is an Online Education consulting company focused on helping purpose-driven creatives and entrepreneurs leverage their ideas and turn them into powerful assets to grow their business. 

Dr. Carrie Rose

Founder at Ofcourse


Learn exactly how to develop content that will keep your audience engaged and connected.


Discover the exact tools that we use and have use to support multiple 7 & 8 Figure businesses.


Learn what innovative strategies you can use to turn your ideas into a powerful online business.

We Focus On


Exclusive Training

In this 3 Stage Video training series, we'll show you the exact strategies that we use to help tons of entrepreneurs shift their ideas into a powerful asset to grow their businesses. 

How To Get Past Your Limiting Beliefs (Am I Enough?)

How To Figure Out If Your Ideas Are Valid (Will They Buy?)

The Psychology of Failure and How To Beat It (Will I fail?)


Who Loves Us?

It's one thing to have a great idea that can help others, but how great is it when those people become raving fans of your brand and your mission.




There are few people I've worked with that I can say were HUGE parts of my ability to have success with my online business. Carrie Rose tops that list. 

I brought Dr. Carrie Rose on board to collaborate with me to take my Hug Your Haters book and turn it into a dynamic course. I’m proud to offer this course as a part of Convince and Convert. I was very impressed with Dr. Rose's work, and I’m not easily impressed.

Dr. Carrie Rose helped me take my 65 videos and 25 infographics and turn it into a comprehensive online course. I was too close to the material to see how it needed to be restructured and her services made my New Marketing Mastery online course much better than it was when it started.


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